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Towards Easter …

It’s almost Lent… which starts on Ash Wednesday, Feb 22nd this year. Lent is the season of preparation for Easter and during which, the spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, repentance, giving, simple living and self-denial are typically emphasised. The purpose is to prepare ourselves for the horror and jubilation of Easter: Jesus’ death and resurrection. […]


Christmas shows…

The Christmas pageant has already happened, and Christmas it certainly in the shops now! The diary is filling up, and so it seems like once again the season deserves the “silly-season” title. This season in the church has a different name: Advent, which means ‘preparation’. Our experience of advent can be a complex. A season […]


A trustworthy saying…

I’m a hopeless speller… so the saying “I before E except after C” was drummed into me to help me! Sayings have a special impact on our minds and ability to cope and be stable in chaos. The wrong sayings (and stories) can also make life harder. Curiously the Apostle Paul on five occasions introduces […]


Thank God it’s Monday

Yes, thank God it’s Monday and for the opportunities that the Monday-to-Friday week brings! Often, work is seen as a necessary evil, but is that how God frames it? Certainly our ‘work’ can be very hard and toilsome. Our culture to tends to frame work negatively by framing ‘retirement’ as the ultimate escape from work, […]


Renewed Rest

The idea of ‘rest’ is something we’ve all faced after doing something long, tiring, or hard. In this sense the reason and need for rest is obvious, but are there ways to do it well, or even badly? Researcher Esther Bernhofer writes: “Without a clear definition and understanding of rest and its parameters, its restorative […]


Winning the Battle in the Mind

What has been occupying your mind in the last few years? Due to the unprecedented amount of disruption and change that we have experienced in our life time, the last few years has seen our minds often flooded with fearful and worried thoughts–it hasn’t been an easy time. This is why it’s now harder to […]


Jesus the better…

For the period of lent, the period of preparation for Easter, we’ll return to a familiar theme: Jesus the better! We looked at the same theme two years ago, but got interrupted by a certain new respiratory illness! To be over simplified (to make a point), there is just two ways to read the Bible: […]


Advent: preparation towards…

Advent simply means preparation, so it’s supposed to be the period in the church calendar when we prepare for Jesus coming to earth, spiritually and in the organisation for Christmas. Advent has traditionally the double meaning of preparing for the festival (of Christmas), but also making the acknowledgement of Jesus’ second coming—his return to earth—or […]


Chosen Aliens: Part 2

Last year, in the height of lockdown and Zoom church we started a series from 1 Peter, now we are coming back to finish it off. For a few years I lived as “foreigner” in an overseas country, and I was given an identity card which was officially called an “Alien Card”! I didn’t get […]


Luther’s 1520

Well many of us had a 2020 where what we were planning to do, just didn’t happen! One of the things I planned to do in 2020 was to mark, with a sermon series, the 500 years since the reformer Martin Luther wrote three important pieces: A treatise on Good Works (read it here) The […]

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