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Arguing with Jesus

Ever feel like you are stuck in the same old arguments? It’s not uncommon… And many of the things we argue (or lets say: ‘discuss’!) about are the same as generations before. There isn’t much new under the sun! Jesus too, was a participant in many of the arguments as well… so what can we […]


Formation by Resurrection

Life after death… the resurrection is what we celebrate and, Jesus’ experience of this, makes Easter Sunday one of the holiest day of the Christian year. But resurrection, sounds like it’s not practical until after death right, what good is it for now? Like a book that sits on the shelf at home, never being […]



Lent is the time when we especially reflect on the Cross of Christ. It’s a period of preparation for the Easter week, where Jesus enters Jerusalem to much fan-fair, and then is killed on Friday, and then dramatically returns from the dead!! As we particularly consider the Jesus’ shameful death, that day would have raised […]


From Shame to Salvation

Ever done some of your family history and found a skeleton in the closet? An event or person that isn’t talked about much because of something shameful? I’ve got them too, and so does Jesus! In the lead up to Christmas we are going to focus on the five women that are highlighted in Matthew’s […]


Targeting Maturity

Sometime ago I came across a very troubling large survey of churchgoers and church leaders that showed 81% of self-identified Christians equated spiritual maturity as “trying hard to follow the rules described in the Bible”. This, four out of five(!) stat, is particularly troubling because it comes from people who acknowledge that salvation is not […]


Character of Jesus

It can seem in our Western culture there is an obsession with self-identity, so we can be often prompted to think allot about “Who am I?”. Yet the Christian faith is centrally about the “who” of another, someone other than ourselves: Jesus! So who is he? What defines him? What bible verses would you go […]


Towards Easter …

It’s almost Lent… which starts on Ash Wednesday, Feb 22nd this year. Lent is the season of preparation for Easter and during which, the spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, repentance, giving, simple living and self-denial are typically emphasised. The purpose is to prepare ourselves for the horror and jubilation of Easter: Jesus’ death and resurrection. […]


Christmas shows…

The Christmas pageant has already happened, and Christmas it certainly in the shops now! The diary is filling up, and so it seems like once again the season deserves the “silly-season” title. This season in the church has a different name: Advent, which means ‘preparation’. Our experience of advent can be a complex. A season […]


A trustworthy saying…

I’m a hopeless speller… so the saying “I before E except after C” was drummed into me to help me! Sayings have a special impact on our minds and ability to cope and be stable in chaos. The wrong sayings (and stories) can also make life harder. Curiously the Apostle Paul on five occasions introduces […]


Thank God it’s Monday

Yes, thank God it’s Monday and for the opportunities that the Monday-to-Friday week brings! Often, work is seen as a necessary evil, but is that how God frames it? Certainly our ‘work’ can be very hard and toilsome. Our culture to tends to frame work negatively by framing ‘retirement’ as the ultimate escape from work, […]

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