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Identity—A teaching series on ‘the church’

Our Christian identity is caught up in the question: “What is the church?”  Over a series of weeks will we be examining this question. The series begins with setting the foundation from which God’s people (‘the church’) will be formed: God’s perfection (aka God’s holiness).  As the series progresses incredible statements are made about God’s […]


Easter to Pentecost

From this Sunday (May 4th) we are beginning a series that will take us to Ascension Sunday and then Pentecost. In these weeks we are looking at what Jesus’ first disciples were saying about him in the light of his death and resurrection. While we are familiar with the story of Jesus’ resurrection, it came […]


Palm Sunday to Easter

During this week our talks will follow the gospel of Matthew. On the second Sunday of Easter, our sermon will be from John’s account of Jesus appearing to the disciples. Here is the list: April 13 (Palm Sunday)–Matthew 21:1-17; April 18 (Good Friday)–Matthew 27:27-50; April 20 (Resurrection Sunday)–Matthew 27:62-28:15; and April 27–John 20:19-31.


Lenten series

Over next five weeks our sermon series has been based on Bishop Tim’s lenten studies. The passages are: Matthew 1–Drawn into the family of Jesus; Matthew 4:12-5:16–Light within darkness; Matthew 5:43-6:15–Christian counter-culture; Matthew 11:25-12:21–A community leader unlike any other; and Matthew 20:17-34–Community, kingdom and the cup of Christ. The studies can be found here.


Past Sermons

This part of our site is under construction. Some past sermons have been recorded, if you are interested in a copy please contact us.

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