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The Desired King

There seems a growing consensus about a vacuum of leadership within our society. Where things different for Israel in Old Testament times? There is much in common to today. As Israel searches for a leader in the middle chapters of 1 Samuel, we see what they desired in a king, and how their leadership vacuum […]


The Gospel

“The gospel” is often said around churches, but what is it? What is “the gospel”? It’s a critical question because “the gospel” is referred to as the power of God in Romans 1:16. That would mean “the gospel” is powerful. Secondly in Colossians 1:5-6 we learn that it is “the gospel” which bears fruit in […]


So What?

There are some parts of Christian teaching that to the average western person are just a little weird… Three of these would be: 1) Jesus’ Ascension; 2) the Holy Spirit; and 3) the Trinity. These three parts of orthodox Christian teaching are acknowledged each year in the church calendar–so somebody at least thinks they are […]



Truth, knowing, belonging, and being loved are desires that all humans have.  What makes these desires particularly fascinating is that each is like a thirst that is never quenched, there is always more to be enjoyed!  In this little series we look at the short letter of 1 John and discover how each desire can […]


The Path to Salvation

In Matthew 19 Jesus leaves Galilee and goes into the region of Judea. Jesus is heading to Jerusalem and ultimately his crucifixion. Along the way Jesus gives his disciples a crash course on what the Kingdom of heaven/God is like and what it requires to be part of the kingdom. In these chapters the disciples […]


A Fellowship Rejoicing in Grace

God’s people, the church, are not simple a group of individuals that come together on occasions and then depart, instead they are a fellowship, a body, a family. But what marks this fellowship, what defines it? Yes, we eat together and spend time with each other, we support one another in our griefs and sorrows. […]


Lord of my burdens

The Psalms are the place to regularly go to so that we can find expressions for the deep cries of our hearts. We find a deep and robust relationship between many authors of the Psalms and God, plus we discover ways that they found God a source of strength in the burdens of life. In […]


Advent 2016

Christmas is here, well almost, at least it feels like it in the shops and with the December diary already packed… Advent certainly is here! Advent is supposed to be the time of preparation for Christmas—Christ’s coming. However this season seems more like a mad rush and dash attending lots of functions, maxing out the […]


A portrait of faith

What is faith? Some people would assert that they don’t have a faith—at all, none—faith is only for religious people they say. Others say they do have faith specifically in Jesus, but to what extent does their ‘faith’ play out in the things of everyday life? How do they connect this faith to how they […]


Glittering Vices and Gospel Remedies

The comprehension of personal vices can be the catalyst for spiritual growth when done using the spotlight of grace. The pursuit of righteousness is critical goal for followers of Jesus (1 Tim. 6:11), and one productive method that can be used is a deeper grasp of the sinful vices that so often entangle us and […]

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