Formation by Resurrection

April 5, 2024


Life after death… the resurrection is what we celebrate and, Jesus’ experience of this, makes Easter Sunday one of the holiest day of the Christian year. But resurrection, sounds like it’s not practical until after death right, what good is it for now? Like a book that sits on the shelf at home, never being used, collecting dust, it has no relevance or meaning to our lives today.
In this series, over four Sundays we’ll be looking at what Jesus’ resurrection means for you and I today. It’s about living out immortality now, and so being in a life of “formation by resurrection”. The series is attempting to take us from Easter Sunday to resurrection life. Sermon topics

  • Resurrection ‘fear’, Mark 16:1-8; Luke 24:1-12; Matthew 28:1-5 (April 7th)
  • Resurrection ‘wonder’, Matthew 28:1-9 (April 14th)
  • Resurrection ‘meals’, John 21:12-13 (April 21st)
  • Resurrection ‘friends’, Luke 24:33-34 (May 5th)