From Shame to Salvation

November 6, 2023


Ever done some of your family history and found a skeleton in the closet? An event or person that isn’t talked about much because of something shameful? I’ve got them too, and so does Jesus! In the lead up to Christmas we are going to focus on the five women that are highlighted in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus. We’ll start with looking at Matthew’s record of Jesus’ family history and how surprising it is that he mentions who he does. The surprise is not only the women who are mentioned, out of the male-dominated pattern that makes up most of the list, but also that theses women have shocking stories that aren’t swept under the carpet. Why would such stories be brought front-and-center as the introduction for God’s messiah? After looking at Jesus’ family tree in Matthew, we’ll then spend a Sunday looking at each of the women’s stories.

  • From Shame to Salvation, Matthew 1 (Nov 12th)
  • Tamar, Genesis 38:1-30 (Nov 19th)
  • Rahab, Joshua 2:1-24; 6:16-25 (Nov 26th)
  • Ruth, Ruth 3:1-18; 4:1-12 (Dec 3rd)
  • Uriah’s wife, 2 Samuel 11:1-27 (Dec 10th)
  • Mary, Luke 1:26-56 (Dec 17th)