Honour Roll

At Largs Bay Anglican church we have an honour board which dates back to the first world war. There are a few aspects of the board which give it particular character. Firstly the organisers made no distinction of creed for those included on it. Secondly the board was ‘live’–meaning as names became known, and as the war went on, more names were added.

For History Month in 2014 we researched the service history of the names on our honour roll. The research provided a fascinating view into the history of these men, the church and the wider community.

This year at 2:30 pm on July 26th we are hosting an event relating to our honour board. This event is a chance to find out more about these men, their lives and families, and discover more about what Largs Bay was like at the time. Here is an invitation, which mentions some of what we have done (click here). Afternoon tea will follow where photos and the records of some of the men will be available to view.

Board Photo

And here is a list of the names as they appear on the board:

Surname Initial Surname Initial
Henley F L Manning W E
Holberton R L McKay A R
Turner J W Tall F
Rees L T South F
Hixon J W Lott A A
Hixon T M Whiteford H M
Howard H H Shearer J H
McLeod K D Haggard W D
Bickford A F McInnes H C
Gelven E V Wald A
Yeo A R Cruickshank E
West P E Cooper A A
West E W Cooper J H
Ewing J M Cole A L
Feus W H Paul J K
Williams C J Paul H K
Begg I H Paul J C
Begg C Clark R B
Waldie A C Parks E J
Thurgarland G Schroder F H
Morice P J Schroder L G
Willis W E Manning C A
Terrill E Manning J W
Samuels T B Watt A B
Bootes A C Andrews W H
Coghill D M Okely H
Barton C A Forman G
Lyford E C Forman E
Hills H E
Adams DB
Johnson J E
Luckett G
Luckett A
Luckett R
Luckett D
Rontauney M
Treleavan P
Slane J C
Birt H W
Martin J

Further information to come…