Cans In the Van

There are many families in Adelaide that struggle to make ends meet and cover the essentials—particularly at Christmas. Our church community, in partnership with Anglicare SA, are gathering food donations for anybody who would like to contribute.  We’ll celebrate with a simply sausage sizzle and morning tea. You are welcome to contribute. A list of […]


The Bible College of South Australia

The Bible College of South Australia does some great local work, which I have personally benefited from. The college has just finished a series on partnering with the college. It’s worth a read. Click here


Believing in ‘grace alone’

Yesterday we started a new series looking at some meals Jesus was part of in Luke’s gospel. Sunday we concentrated on the party that the Tax Collector Levi threw for Jesus and all his (Levi’s) tax collector buddies. While the Pharisees knew that God’s kingdom would be a party, and if you asked them if […]


Essena O’Neill, C. S. Lewis and the weight of glory

Yesterday I was preaching from Psalm 24 and God’s glory.  It’s a helpful psalm to start the year as we plan and dream for the year to come.  Reading a Psalm like this gets us asking the question: “Whose glory is at the heart of our plans?”  Such a question can be abstracted to a […]


Twitter, shame and fair trial

I just read a very interesting article by Ruth Ostrow over at The Australian in which she gives us a social commentary on the use of social media and how the public act of shaming intersects. There are lots of good quotes, including some from Monica Lewinsky. Lewinsky has a TED talk on the issue […]


The fruits of the Spirit

On Sunday I was preaching on 1 Samuel 10:1-16 and focused on the gift of God’s Spirit which was to have not a small impact on Saul. Verse 6 says Saul will be changed into a different person! With the context of ch. 9 behind and ch. 11 in front; we see that Saul indeed […]


Words for sledging and words for healing

I’m not much of a blogger, but commenting on a current social issue from a Christian perspective in a way that is not simply saying ‘no’–is a really good thing to do. So through my links to City Bible forum in Adelaide I was asked to do a guest blog. It’s about our use of […]



There is a power in stories. I enjoy them, watch adults and children fixed to a good story in a book or at the movies. Each of us has a story, which consists of events and how these events impacted our emotions and feelings. But how these stories inform our identity (who we are), and […]


Faith, focus and footy

It’s not every day that a Christian football player is encouraged in their convictions, especially if it means rubbing themselves out to play on Good Friday. But over at the AFL’s official site is a good story about a young man called Theo Thompson. See it here:


Marriage: love and feelings…

Keith Condie has just written a very helpful piece on feelings, love and marriage. The last paragraph is really helpful as it shows that a firm foundation for marriage is promise–and out of promise flows love. This turns on its head the normal way we think of the foundation of marriage. ‘Love’ forms marriage right? […]

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