Words for sledging and words for healing

I’m not much of a blogger, but commenting on a current social issue from a Christian perspective in a way that is not simply saying ‘no’–is a really good thing to do. So through my links to City Bible forum in Adelaide I was asked to do a guest blog. It’s about our use of […]



There is a power in stories. I enjoy them, watch adults and children fixed to a good story in a book or at the movies. Each of us has a story, which consists of events and how these events impacted our emotions and feelings. But how these stories inform our identity (who we are), and […]


Faith, focus and footy

It’s not every day that a Christian football player is encouraged in their convictions, especially if it means rubbing themselves out to play on Good Friday. But over at the AFL’s official site is a good story about a young man called Theo Thompson. See it here:


Marriage: love and feelings…

Keith Condie has just written a very helpful piece on feelings, love and marriage. The last paragraph is really helpful as it shows that a firm foundation for marriage is promise–and out of promise flows love. This turns on its head the normal way we think of the foundation of marriage. ‘Love’ forms marriage right? […]



Every ANZAC day some articles appear about the day from a Christian perspective. Here is an interesting one I found this year by Craig Broman at Adelaide’s City Bible Forum. Here is the link:


Resurrection Sunday

Resurrection is amazing because it goes against our normal experience of the world: once dead there is not coming back. One of the things then that Easter Sunday shows is that there is a power in the world that can bring life out of death. That’s a power the Apostle Paul wanted to know in […]


A response to Stephen Fry

After a break last week which was great for me and our family, Stephen Fry’s clear vision of the problems in the world jolted me away from the beautiful beach that we live near to the suffering in the world. Fry’s point is that suffering and brokenness in the world we experience so clearly, is […]


Two videos from youtube

I just prepared a sermon on Psalm 13. Part of the question I looked at was how does the world deal with sadness? What is our consultation for the reality that our experience of life is at times terrible? Do we deal with sadness by saying “it’s just temporary” (like joy perhaps?); or by saying […]


Christians and IS

John Dickson’s has again produced a warm piece which is honest about “IS” and proclaims Jesus as Lord–may Jesus’ peace be upon you! Click here to read it.


Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model…

Well I’m not a model, but Cameron Russell is. As I’ve been thinking about preaching I read an article that made some comparisons between sermons and TED talks.  Not knowing what a TED’s talk was I looked into them.  Not only did I find some talks that communicate a message very clearly, I found some […]

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