The Path to Salvation

March 24, 2017


In Matthew 19 Jesus leaves Galilee and goes into the region of Judea. Jesus is heading to Jerusalem and ultimately his crucifixion. Along the way Jesus gives his disciples a crash course on what the Kingdom of heaven/God is like and what it requires to be part of the kingdom. In these chapters the disciples grasp on the kingdom is painfully tested. The events at Easter are the crowing feature of how the kingdom isĀ achieved, and the Thomas episode (in John’s gospel) rounds off how the kingdom is achieved and received.

  • Matthew 19:1-26, March 26th.
  • Matthew 19:27-20:16, April 2nd.
  • Matthew 20:17-28, April 9th.
  • Matthew 26:36-39; 27:27-56, April 14th (Good Friday).
  • Matthew 27:62-28:15, April 16th.
  • John 20:11-31, April 23rd.