Posted by sghill

Last week, on my day off, I headed to the local Oden cinemas to check out Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. My expectations were not high for biblical accuracy, after all this is a movie longer than two hours which springs from just four chapters of biblical text. However I was still hoping to relax with a “good story”, well maybe. Several scenes were most gripping very well shot, so I guess that’s why the movie gets a good score on rotten tomatoes (77%). There have been many articles written by Christians springing from the movie. I recommend this one, written by Mark Hadley, which I originally noticed in the Bible Societies’ Eternity magazine. I like it because Hadley does not dwell on the differences between the movie and the biblical text–rather he goes deeper to the issue of if Scripture can actually be used as simply “good story”–i.e. as good movie fodder. If the purpose of Scripture is to reveal God and Salvation in Christ (2 Tim 3:15), then can the story ever be told, in all its fullness, by a studio that is without this perspective? Over to Mr. Hadley.