Summer Psalms

December 29, 2014


Lord of My Heart—Psalms series 2015

We will begin the New Year with a five week series from the Psalms.  The beauty of the Psalms is that they express so clearly and without pretence the feelings and emotions that we all experience in life.  This expression of emotion is so vast it even includes those which we as Christians may not readily wish to admit!  This part of God’s word then is very relevant as it teaches us “how” to be truly honest with God and at the same time bring all of these feelings under God’s authority and instruction.

Week 1 (Jan 4). Lord of my All—Psalm 139

Week 2 (Jan 11). Lord of my Sadness—Psalm 13

Week 3 (Jan 18). Lord of my Anger—Psalm 37

Week 4 (Jan 25). Lord of my Guilt—Psalm 32

Week 5 (Feb 1). Lord of my Joy—Psalm 145