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Hope lost? Hope in something?

Last week in our local messenger Monique Bowley wrote an article entitled “What is life without hope?” (Portside Messenger, 25/06/2014). The piece was a reflection on what she had seen at an audition for Channel 9’s Millionaire Hot Seat.  The article grabbed my attention because of Monique’s social commentary regarding the lack of ‘hope’ within […]



It is common for someone who has delivered a sermon to experience ‘sermon regret’ the day after.  This feeling is often over something missed out completely (i.e. something more needed to have been said), something that could have been clearer and the like.  The first time I preached at a Sunday gathering the following Monday […]


Men’s convention

Saturday was a wonderful time when about 450 men gathered to hear from God’s word, to sing and to pray.  Ray Galea spoke very clearly and directly to us on Wisdom, Anger and Adultery, (mostly) from the book of Proverbs. All in the group I attented with were shown aspects of our lives that need […]


Top 10 tips for atheists this Easter

This Easter here is a great little article to consider by Rev. John Dickson which helps one to engage in what they really believe the Christian faith is; or to have a true understanding of what you reject—should that be your path.


Watching Noah

Last week, on my day off, I headed to the local Oden cinemas to check out Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. My expectations were not high for biblical accuracy, after all this is a movie longer than two hours which springs from just four chapters of biblical text. However I was still hoping to relax with a […]



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