The heart

February 5, 2018


What is the Christian life? Getting better at following a bunch of rules by trying harder? Just doing stuff the church says you should?  For the period of Lent we are going to look at what the bible says about the human heart.  Traditionally Lent is the period when Christians reflect on the Cross of Christ, and our personal lives. We express our trust in God’s grace by being honest before Him about our failures, grace thus promotes rather than prevents true repentance. Lent then is the ideal time to consider the link of our ‘heart’ in our personal behaviour.  We begin with what Jesus said about the human heart, and then (mostly) concentrate on the Old Testament book of Jeremiah as it gives important insights into human hearts and God’s redeeming work in Christ.

The series firstly looks at the question: What is moral behaviour? Just our actions? And then moves towards how we can practice directing our hearts to Jesus alone.

  • Vain Worship. Mark 7:1-23 (Feb 11)
  • Pressure testing. Deuteronomy 8:2-14 (Feb 18)
  • The heart as wellspring. Proverbs 4:23 (Feb 25)
  • The heart’s idols. Jeremiah 2:11,7:24, 9:26 (March 4)
  • Words to delight the heart. Jeremiah 12:2, 15:16 (March 11)
  • The heart’s deceit. Jeremiah 17:1-18 (March 18)
  • A heart transplant. Jeremiah 31 + 32 (March 25)