The Desired King

August 8, 2017


There seems a growing consensus about a vacuum of leadership within our society. Where things different for Israel in Old Testament times? There is much in common to today. As Israel searches for a leader in the middle chapters of 1 Samuel, we see what they desired in a king, and how their leadership vacuum was part of their own doing; yet we also see how God, in his great mercy, was being faithful to his promises. Despite a vacuum of a good king and ruler, God’s people have great hope, because their hope ultimately rests in God alone–not an earthly king and ruler.

  • Israel’s king and God’s kingdom, 1 Samuel (August 13th)
  • The kingdom at war, 1 Samuel 11 (August 27th)
  • Kingdom Renewal, 1 Samuel 12 (September 3rd)
  • The foolish king, 1 Samuel 13 (September 17th)
  • Faithfulness and foolishness, 1 Samuel 14 (September 24th)
  • Rejection, 1 Samuel 15 (October 8th)