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Return to 1 Samuel

As spring comes to us we return to 1 Samuel and pick up the story at chapter 6. The series has one week with a visiting preacher from Adelaide’s City Bible Forum. September 6 — 1 Samuel 6 — Knowing the Power of God September 13 — 1 Samuel 7 — Effective Leadership September 20 […]


Discipleship: the calling to …

What does it mean to be a disciple?  The regular definition of ‘disciple’ is a pupil, a learner, a follower.  These terms are also fairly abstract—so what is discipleship about?  This series aims to look at what Jesus said ‘discipleship’ was about to his first disciples.  In the church calendar cycle, 2015 is the year […]


Mission and Vision 2015

Vision and mission is about clarity in sight and purpose.  The time has come for Largs Bay Anglican to refresh and recalibrate our vision and mission.  Our previous work in this area was planned to be revisited after 2014, the time has come!  The end of this process will not be a crystal clear “five […]


Palm Sunday and Easter

This year we are following Marks account of ‘Holy week’, beginning with how Mark describes Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. On Easter Sunday we will look at the remarkable event of Jesus’ resurrection and consider what that means for us today. On the second Sunday of Easter, our sermon will be from John’s account of Jesus […]


Supreme is a person…

Starting Sunday Feb 15th and until Psalm Sunday we will be looking the first three chapters of Hebrews. Here is the break down and sermon titles. ‘Supreme’ is a person not a pizza. Hebrews 1:1-4 Jesus: A superior Word (Feb 15th) Hebrews 1:5-14 Jesus: Superior to Angels (Feb 22th) Hebrews 2:1-4 Warning: Pay attention to […]


Summer Psalms

Lord of My Heart—Psalms series 2015 We will begin the New Year with a five week series from the Psalms.  The beauty of the Psalms is that they express so clearly and without pretence the feelings and emotions that we all experience in life.  This expression of emotion is so vast it even includes those […]


Advent series

The season of Advent is a time of waiting, a time of urgent anticipation, a time of watching for the fulfilment of what has been promised. Jesus will return! Are we ready? Week 1 (Nov 30). The Coming LORD (Nahum 1:1-8 & Mark 13:24-37) Main point: God is a promise-keeping God Week 2 (Dec 7). […]


Trusting God

Mostly life does not conform to the straightforward plan that we map out for ourselves! Adversity and heartaches often strike in many different ways on many different fronts. Often these experiences rob us of peace of mind and indicate that trusting God is actually worked out in all areas of life—without boundaries! The goal then […]


Parables and Haggai

From the first Sunday in September to the first week in November we will look at a group of parables that Jesus told about the ‘kingdom of heaven’ in Matthew 18-22.  This series will take a three week hiatus to consider the Old Testament book of Haggai.  The dates and topics are listed below.  Also […]


Identity—A teaching series on ‘the church’

Our Christian identity is caught up in the question: “What is the church?”  Over a series of weeks will we be examining this question. The series begins with setting the foundation from which God’s people (‘the church’) will be formed: God’s perfection (aka God’s holiness).  As the series progresses incredible statements are made about God’s […]

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