Mission and Vision 2015

May 20, 2015


Vision and mission is about clarity in sight and purpose.  The time has come for Largs Bay Anglican to refresh and recalibrate our vision and mission.  Our previous work in this area was planned to be revisited after 2014, the time has come!  The end of this process will not be a crystal clear “five year plan”.  However, while some concrete plans will be made, these will be flexible.  Success rather in the process will be the uniting of our community around a simple and clear vision and mission that will be returned to regularly to remind ourselves of who we specifically are in Christ, and how we plan to live this practically in our context and time.

Part of the process is a sermon series on the issue of God’s mission, and our identity as people serving the master.  Below is an outline of the series:


Bible passage Theme

Mission & Vision Part1:

What’s God doing?

To determine our own mission in the world we first need to locate any ideas of mission within God’s mission!  In the first two sermons we will look broadly at God’s mission in the world.
Week 1 31/05/2015 Genesis 1:26-2:4 Revelation 7:9-17 This week considers the very broad sweep in scripture from Creation-to-New Creation.  How does this story in scripture touch the mission of our community in Largs?
Week 2 7/06/2015 Genesis 2:4-17 John 9:1-11 [Eph 4:28; John 4:27-38] This week we consider the phrase within scripture: “God’s work”.  What does this mean and how does it touch our work now?

Mission & Vision Part 2:

What’s our identity?


There is an undeniable nexus between identity, character and conduct; i.e.  Children are told to not eat like animals… What is the Christian identity—our identity in Christ and how does it impact our vision and mission as a community?
Week 1 14/06/2015 1 Peter 2:4-10 Matt 28:16-20 Upwards: We are worshippers and disciples. This week we notice identity which is focused towards God. 
Week 2 21/06/2015 Phil 2:12-18
1 Cor 5:11-21
Outwards: We are witnesses and ambassadors. This week we notice identity which is focused outside of our community. 
Week 3 28/06/2015 Eph 4:1-8
Hebrews 13:9-16
Inwards: We are a gathered body (family) who share. This week we notice identity which is focused towards those amongst us. 
5/07/2015 TBD Visiting Preacher
12/07/2015 TBD Visiting Preacher

Mission & Vision Part3:

Integrating God’s work and our identity in Christ

19/07/2015 Acts 2:29-47 Acts 2 clearly contains reference to God’s work in the world in Father Son and Spirit.  The passage then seamlessly includes who the believers were living out their “identity” in Christ in v.42-47.