Marks Big Hope

January 24, 2020


As we start a new year, holidays are over, Christmas decorations are over and our thoughts turn to “what’s happening this year?” and then I quickly wonder–how different will the year be to last year? Sure it will be different in the sense that I’m older, technology will be different, the Crows will make the finals (not sure about Port); but what about the other issues in life that stay the same? Will experiences of death bring great sorrow to our family again this year? Is there a hope that I can have less anxiety about the future, and who I am too. The first few verses of Mark’s gospel says allot about hope. Over four weeks we will explore:

  • Fresh hope is old, Mark 1:1; 15:33-39 (Feb 2)
  • Hope of victory, Mark 1:2-13 (Feb 9)
  • Hope of purpose, Mark 1:14-20 (Feb 16)
  • Hope of transformation, Mark 1:21-39 (Feb 23)