Formed in our frailties

January 3, 2018


It’s the beginning of a new year, it’s “shiny and new – so going well” someone told me yesterday as I sold them a sausage at Bunnings! It was January the 2nd. New things start with promise and with anticipation that something good will come. Yet I’ve noticed many social commentators get to the end of each year glad that it’s nearly over and a new one is coming. Can we then look at the aspects of life which at times we want to move on from, and see how these important realities and experiences actually form us, and make us into God’s glorious people? That is the goal of this series from the Psalms, which is a section of the Bible that doesn’t hide the full experience of life.

Formed in our frailties:

  • In our weakness. Psalm 8 (Jan 7)
  • In our grief. Psalm 16 (Jan 14)
  • In our moral failure. Psalm 51 (Jan 21)
  • In our limits. Psalm 90 (Jan 28)
  • By our wounds. Psalm 147 (Feb 4)