Encountering Jesus

October 12, 2020


Each of us have had some memorable encounters in life, and some we’d like to forget (for a range of reasons)! There are a few encounters that have set the course of our history, and world history. The Bible records many encounters that Jesus had with a vast array of different people. In each encounter Jesus was somehow unexpected, and so these encounters genuinely impacted those in them. Through these stories we’ll see how Jesus also personally encounters us, and is the person we need to encounter too.

  • A Pharisee, John 3:1-21 (Oct 18)
  • The women at the well, John 4:1-35 (Oct 25)
  • Mary (Jesus’ Mother), John 2:1-11 (Nov 1)
  • Mary Magdalene, John 20:1-18 (Nov 8)
  • Grieving sisters, John 11:1-37 (Nov 15)
  • Peter, John 21:1-25 (Nov 22)