Easter to Pentecost

May 1, 2014


From this Sunday (May 4th) we are beginning a series that will take us to Ascension Sunday and then Pentecost. In these weeks we are looking at what Jesus’ first disciples were saying about him in the light of his death and resurrection. While we are familiar with the story of Jesus’ resurrection, it came as a great surprise to his first disciples and totally rocked their world. The point of this series then is to travel with Jesus’ first disciples as they, in the power of the Spirit, began to articulate who Jesus was and what God was achieving though Christ. An important part of the disciples’ reflection on the resurrected Jesus is their journey back into the Old Testament, where they began to interpret Jesus in the light of the Old Testament & interpret the Old Testament in the light of Jesus. The passages are:

  • May 4th. Acts 2:14-41 (concentrating on vv.22-41) Peter’s speech to the crowds at Pentecost.
  • May 11th. Acts 3:1-26 Peter’s speech after healing in the name of Jesus.
  • May 18th. Acts 4:1-20 Peter’s speech to the Sanhedrin.
  • May 25th. Acts 7:1-53 Stephen’s speech.
  • June 1st. Acts 1:1-14 (Jesus’ Ascension).
  • June 8th. Acts 2:1-21 (Pentecost).