Advent 2016

November 22, 2016


Christmas is here, well almost, at least it feels like it in the shops and with the December diary already packed… Advent certainly is here! Advent is supposed to be the time of preparation for Christmas—Christ’s coming. However this season seems more like a mad rush and dash attending lots of functions, maxing out the credit card and so needing January to recover. Somehow the good news of Christmas gets so easily lost… so what does Christmas actually show us? We’ll consider a few things in the next weeks…

  • God is on mission, Luke 19:5-27 (Nov 27th)
  • God is blessing, Acts 3:13-26 (Dec 4th)
  • God is reconciling, Romans 5:1-11 (Dec 11th)
  • God makes a new reality, Hebrews 8 (Dec 18th)
  • God draws near, Matthew 1:18-25 (Dec 25th)