A meal with Jesus

May 16, 2016


Food is important! We cannot go without it. Food engages all the senses with taste, ascetics, smell, hearing (as we crunch), and touch (with the mouth and hands depending if you use both!). Meals are important across societies, cultures and time. Luke’s gospel is full of stories of Jesus at meals, and these meals represent something bigger than fuelling the tank. Over six weeks we will see how Jesus used, and participated in, meals to show and allow people to experience an aspect of the gospel. The six week series will start on May the 22nd, with the following parts.

  • Grace. Luke 5:27-39
  • Community. Luke 7:33-50
  • Hope. Luke 9:1-17
  • Mission. Luke 14:1-24
  • Salvation. Luke 22:7-30
  • Promise. Luke 24:36-49